Our Client

Based on an established B&B the premises has been completely renovated for 2016 with new equipment and furnishings throughout. A photographer was commissioned to get good quality photos which have been used throughout.


Our Task

Owner Isla was keen to ensure that the new website should be effective and agreed, on our advice,  to get a professional photographer at an early stage in the design discussions (We often recommend a professional is used when in highly competitive markets where it is important to stand out from the crowd). Also the website needed to be responsive and mobile friendly because a very large number of travelers are using mobiles and tablets to access these websites. Initial signs are good with traffic, enquiries and bookings increasing significantly.

Benefits of New Site

  • New website for new business
  • Clean quick and easy to read on all devices from large format TVs to small mobiles and tablets – a truly responsive site that works well for all equipment for now and the reasonable future
  • Busy market with many established competitors already well placed in google search and other key pages
  • High quality offering required equally clean, professional and modern pages
  • Marketing support includes analytics, monitoring referral websites and other SEO (search engine optimisation).